Bein A Bhuird Circuit

Park your car in the estate car park at Keiloch just off the road near the Invercauld Bridge, remember to pay the parking fee. On the bike and follow the track keeping to the left past the estate cottages. Follow track up through the pine trees, keep left at Invercauld House. Follow the track towards Balnagower Cottage, on the opposite side of the river is Braemar Castle. This track along the side of the river can be wet or just very wet depending on the season. Dsc20001aWhen you get to the Linn of Quoich follow the trail to the right passing the Punch Bowl. The view from the bridge is of power full spouts of water falling into deep pools. Keep following the trail along the side of Quoich water heading up Glen Quoich with the trail rising descending like a roller coaster ride until you get to a crossing point on the Allt an Dubh’ghline. The track rises slowly heading straight up the hill passing through the trees at the bottom of Carn Allt na Beinne. As you come out of the trees the gradient steepens and if you have the fitness you will the zig zagging land rover tracks gets rougher with steep drops to the side as you pass each of the hairpin bends. At the top of Carn Allt na Beinne the gradient levels out and the track becomes directionless as the clearly defined land rover track deteriorates where it has been bull dozed within the last 5-10 years. Dsc20006aThe first trip up this trail with Kenny many years ago was a great ride, blasting down towards the Au Diollaid the track steepens before becoming a jumble of hair pin bends climbing ever upwards. The trail just keeps going up and manys the time that snow will be lying across the track well into the summer. Eventually the track ends just behind the cliffs that mark the eastern edge of Beinn A Bhuird. You can leave your bike and hike up to the top at A’ Chioch at 1179m. The couple of times that I have done this route has seen the trail at this point disappearing into a bank of snow even in June. Looking back down the trail its difficult to picture what the trail used to look like. At one time it was the highest land rover track in the UK, sadly this is no longer the case. From here strike north along the contour line walking and cycling as and when you can, as you come to the northern end of the corries change direction and stay on the shoulder and head down towards the rocks at Cnap Leum an Easaich at 917m. Keep to the left of the rocks but staying above the Spion Rocks, follow the shoulder down towards the path shown on the map which leads down towards the River Avon and a bridge crossing below the land rover track on the northern side of the river. To the east is Faindouran Lodge. Dsc20011aOnce on the track head east towards Tomintoul along Glen Avon. The track is good with numerous fords to cross the smaller tributaries joining all along the Glen. After ?? km there is a small hut on the side of the track, a good spot to stop for a bite to eat or drink. A short distance before this hut is another bridge crossing the River Avon, the track that leads to it descending from high on the flanks of Beinn A Bhuird. The track heading back to Tomintoul has some ace ascents and descents the best being at the junction with Glen Loin where the loose track descends towards the bridge crossing the river. Not long after this and the trail brings you back to the Linn of Avon. Enjoy the views of the river as it plunges over drops into deep pools that always look so inviting in the summer as the salty sweat stings your eyes. Turn right once over the bridge at the Linn of Avon and follow the slowly rising trail that winds up Glen Builg. Once across te flood plains a short sharp rise has you riding along side the Builg Burn. Keep heading up until the obvious way on towards Loch Builg sees the track change from a land rover track to a fun single track around the eastern side of the Loch. Once past the loch the single track joins a land rover track, turn left and then right up the valley along side the River Gairn. Cross the bridge and then keep the burn on your right as you come off the flat heading due south and up a steeply rising track towards the flank of Culardoch. You should be able to manage to ride this all the way up if you have kept topping up your energy levels throughout the day. Once at he top enjoy the view because its down hill all the way to Invercauld from here. Fingers over the brake levers let he wheels roll as you gather speed. At Invercauld keep left and spin the legs out on the tarmac as you approach the car park at Keiloch and the end of a very hard day in the saddle.

Total distance : 58.1 km

Height Gain : 1,692 m

High Point : 1128 m

Low Point : 328 m